Cassette Gold


Do you still remember the cassettes from the 80s?

Now you can have it again.

You have all your songs from your iPhone or iPod Touch

ready in the library.

Cassette Gold is a cassette player emulator.

It plays your music and shows an animated cassette.

There is a large selection of cassettes which you can choose from.

This app bring's you back to the 80's.

Very easy to use.

- Touch for play or pause.

- Swipe right for next song.

- Swipe left for previous song.

- Swipe down for next cassette.

- Swipe up for cassette change.

-Touch in the upper left corner to select songs.

- you can zoom in to original cassette size (pinch to zoom).


And because the control is very simple,

this app is perfect for the car or on your iPod or iPhone docking Station.

Have fun with the app!



-To use this app, you need music in the Apple Music app!

Compact Cassettes from the 80's